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  • Where your holiday begins

  • At the Ferienhof Hoffmann we want to pamper our holidaymakers all year round.

  • Arrive and feel at home

    Arrive and feel at home - © www.ferienhof-hoffmann.at

    Your heartbeat will switch to holiday rhythm at the sight of the natural jewel that is Lake Weissensee. The lake sends out an incomparable tranquillity and strength - in summer its crystal-clear waters reflect every imaginable tone of colour from deep blue to a Caribbean turquoise to almost white. In winter Lake Weissensee transforms itself into a fairytale made out of ice and snow. Austria’s cleanest bathing lake is a natural phenomenon at any time of the year.

    We want to pamper our holidaymakers all year round. We attend to the welfare of our guests with a passion and lots of enthusiasm. We make your holiday at Lake Weissensee a unique experience with our love of paying attention to many extra details, both large and small. Enjoy your valuable days of vacation with us on Carinthia’s Lake Weissensee. There where your holiday begins.

    Your Brandner and Burian family

  • There where well-being begins

    Arrive and feel at home - © www.ferienhof-hoffmann.at

    Arrive and relax

    We value your welfare. For this reason we have furnished our holiday flats and rooms by paying great attention to detail. Comfort and an atmosphere of contentment go wonderfully hand-in-hand with us - after all, you shouldn’t go without anything on your holiday. Our accommodation has a very inviting location - right in the Lake Weissensee Nature Park, a bit away from the hustle and bustle, yet still within walking distance of all activities.

  • Our offer is extensive

    It’s no matter whether you reside barefoot in the first row in our beach bungalow, prefer to call a comfortable double or single room your own, or enjoy the fabulous view of the lake from the balcony of one of our holiday flats. Whatever - you will feel right at home here with us.

  • The most important meal

    For our breakfast buffet at the Ferienhof Hoffmann we attach a lot of importance to local products. Yoghurt, milk and quark all come from the organic farm on Lake Weissensee, pastries come from the local baker, honey from the nearby bee-keeper, eggs from the organic egg supplier, tea is from our own garden and many types of homemade jam can be chosen. Enjoy all that on the sun-deck or in the cosy dining-room, the "Kärntner Stube".

  • Accommodation

    • 5 double rooms
    • 2 large holiday flats (with 2 bedrooms)
    • 1 large holiday flat (with 1 bedroom)
    • 1 single room
    • 1 beach chalet/bungalow
    • Carinthian seal of quality since 2013
  • Additional features

    • Free Wi-Fi in the entire complex, including the bathing beach
    • Free parking spaces in front of the house
    • Dogs permitted
    • Breakfast service for holiday flats- order dairy products and rolls from us the night
      before and enjoy these for your breakfast next morning.
    • Free use of children’s equipment: travel cot, high-chair, child’s bath-tub, electric
      appliance for boiling water, nappy/diaper changer.

  • Bathing beach

  • There where the water experience begins

    There where the water experience begins - © www.ferienhof-hoffmann.at

    Arrive and dive in

    The most enjoyable jump into the crystal-clear water of Lake Weissensee is made from the house’s own private bathing beach. Our access to the lake is exclusively reserved for our house guests and offers plenty of space to relax as well as play and run around. Here you can enjoy the water with a temperature of up to 24ºc in the highest-lying bathing lake in the Alps in complete peace.


  • Land up in a secluded cove

    Lake Weissensee can best be explored from the water, as twothirds of the lake is not built-up. For this reason, the most beautiful places and fascinating spots are often only reached on foot or from the water. We therefore have a boat available free of charge to our house guests.

  • Alone together

    For those seeking that extra bit of seclusion, there is our romantic wooden swing seat on the bathing beach, a spot protected from view to be alone with the fascinating sight of the play on colours of Lake Weissensee, a quite special experience of water.

  • Bathing beach

    • Surface: 5,000 m².
    • Entry to the lake: flat, gravel (small stones)
    • One wooden jetty into the lake
    • 2 wooden rafts on the lake (to lie on)
    • 1 wooden swing
    • Changing rooms
    • Playground for children
    • Table-tennis table
    • Football goals
    • Adjoining: public beach volleyball court

  • There where summer begins

    © weissensee.com

    Arrive and off you go

    There is a unique summer feeling on Lake Weissensee – the lake reflects its entire array of colours and teaches us how to be amazed all over again. Particularly impressive: from mountain bike routes to ship jetties or hiking trails, all leisure activities start right outside the door, or are just a stone’s throw away.

    Overview of summer

    • Bathing: private beach for house guests
    • Hiking: 200 km of marked hiking trails
    • Mountain biking: 12 marked mountain bike routes (150 km in total)
    • Ship and boat trips: wooden rowing boats, small sailing boats, boats with electric
      ​​​​motors, timetabled ship and boat trips to the east shore and back. Boarding from the “Neusacherhof” within walking distance.
    • Fishing: angling season from May to October, 22 kinds of fish, numerous angling events, boats, electric boats, angling jetty, night fishing, fish-freezing facilities.
    • Diving: diving school with numerous courses on offer.
    • Much more: www.weissensee.com
  • There where winter begins

    © weissensee.com

    Arrive and admire

    In winter the lake changes itself into the largest natural surface of ice in Europe and transforms mountains and forests into a romantic winter paradise. A layer of ice and snow ensure that Lake Weissensee lives up to its name of “White Lake” in winter. The lake can be relied upon to freeze over from mid-December with an impressive thickness of ice that can be up to 40cm deep. It’s not only the fairytale view that is fascinating, but also the range of activities on offer is pretty impressive, from ice-skating, skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging and horse and carriage rides to ice-hole fishing and ice diving. Try everything out at your leisure.

    Overview of winter

    • Ice-skating: a skating circuit of up to 25km, 400-metre track for speed skaters
    • Cross-country and Nordic skating: around 55km of double-lane and skating tracks.
    • Skiing: 1 chairlift for 4 people, 4 pulley-lifts
    • Sledging: natural bobsleigh track 4km long
    • Horse-pulled sledge rides
    • Curling and ice-hockey rinks
    • Ice-hole fishing: end of February/beginning of March for one week
    • Ice diving: diving-school offers
    • Much more: www.weissensee.com